Reader: Head for the hills...and fu*k it up for everyone else

It's Presidents Day weekend, one of the busiest times on Colorado slopes -- snow or no snow -- and so also one of the busiest times on I-70, where anticipated traffic put the brakes on the Colorado Department of Transportation's pace car concept.

The jam inspired this addition to our Sh*t people from Denver say video:

Says Sparkninja:

"Hey, look its Friday again, might as well drive up to the mountains and fuck up the roads for everyone who lives there!" .....

(7 days later)...... "Hey wouldn't you know its Friday again!!!!!" and that's not just people from Denver, but the spores from the surrounding states as well... X0

Miss the original video? See it here. And how bad was the traffic on I-70 this weekend? Post your comments below. The traffic is not one of Colorado's big draws -- but even so, more 25-to-34-year-olds came here over the past few years than to any other state. Read fifteen reasons why young people are moving to Colorado here.


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