Reader: "I can't believe that so much time was wasted by police over this."

Ask a Mexican, Gustavo Arellano, October 6

Fire a Mexican

Please note that the Ask a Mexican columnist has long since descended into journalistic ennui...and even if he needs to vent personal political insecurities, his take on the richness of cultural differences has metamorphosed into a dank, morbid bin of rotting vegetables.

Kindly find his replacement.


Jenny An

Mike Baca


"Buzz Kill," Jenny An, October 6

The Writing's on the Wall

Kudos to writer Jenny An and her subjects, Corey and Jesse Knapper. I am a street/alley artist, although not nearly of the pedigree of the brothers Knapper in terms of education and technical skills. But I can appreciate what they are doing, and it is quite cool: providing free, creative, humorous art to the general public, 24/7, without official authorization. What they are doing is far removed from ordinary graffiti, and it's a shame the authorities don't have the common sense to see that.

 I can understand why some people are ambivalent about applying art to private property. The constructions/pieces I put up are usually applied to fences on neglected, private commercial lots — with screws; they can be easily removed. They are not intended to offend — just the opposite.

 I feel some camaraderie with the Knappers. Carry on, guys.

Jack Farrar


I have seen art like this, and it is barely relevant. But you missed a better example.

If you will drive out to Denver International Airport and look in the field just to the left, you will see this giant blue horse with glowing red eyes. Why don't the police find out who left that piece of junkyard art there and go arrest that guy? That is more of a crime than these posters.

Randy Brown


I can't believe that so much time was wasted by the police over this. I loved seeing these posters around town; they made me laugh every time. I'm glad that Corey and Jesse are just rolling with the punches and that this didn't discourage them from pursuing their dreams. I'm also happy to see the school being mentioned. I'll be graduating from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in the spring; it's a great place to be.

Jennifer Greening


The only people who make our school look bad are the spoiled and lazy students who show up on a free meal ticket, boasting of talent that's yet to be seen, all the while expecting their world and degree to be served to them on a fucking golden platter. What have you done lately to represent RMCAD?

Tina Kivalu


"Phish Story," Dave Herrera, September 29

Something's Phishy

Gun-crazy redneck + drugged-out lot kid = no surprise.

The sad part about all this is that the band has clearly become so detached from their fans and the workings of their own organization that a man with a violent criminal record, not to mention an aggressive and violent history with Phish fans, could be hired to "protect" fans from the misbranding of their favorite band. Kevin Shapiro says it all... "This business is based on reputation and brand recognition, and Merchandise is one of the most successful avenues for the Artists to benefit from such fame and connect with their fans." Too bad it took two boys fighting in a parking lot for me to find out that Phish believes their merchandise is one of the best ways to connect with us. And here I thought it was all about the music. I guess it's time to grow up.

Sanders Pearsall

Tahoe City, California


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