Reader: I do not agree with the NRA's lenient view of gun ownership

"Dark Night," Latest Word, July 26

Taking Aim

I am for common-sense gun rights, but I do not agree with the NRA's extremely lenient view of guns and gun ownership. Shouldn't someone have noticed the mass purchase of firearms by James Eagen Holmes? Doesn't someone or an agency monitor not only who is buying but also how many guns are purchased? If someone, all of a sudden, is buying several guns, well, duh! Something may be going on.

The NRA is fond of comparing guns with knives, saying you could kill someone with a knife, too, so shouldn't those be monitored as well? I think anyone would be pretty hard- pressed to say a massacre like this (or the Columbine tragedy) could have been done with knives.



Barb Adams

Will Westword please respect the profession of journalism again? Okay, Westword, as much as I love you, I have ditched your magazine and blocked your Facebook posts for a while. All you seem to care about right now is just posting mug shots of the suspect and focusing your attention on him instead of the victims. It shows your true colors in that you love promoting drama and not real news. Please take some cues from the HBO show The Newsroom and respect the profession of journalism, instead of degrading it to its lowest level like you're currently doing.

Scott Nash

Editor's note: In last week's Westword, we reprinted several of the stories about the Aurora shooting that we'd originally published on the Latest Word, our news blog. We'll continue to put most of our coverage of this tragedy there.

"Tea Time," Juliet Wittman, July 19

Suited to a Tea

I can't remember the last time I read a more wonderfully written piece!  My favorite line? "Seldom has a gift been received with so little grace." I've long been a fan of this gem of a place and you told its story well. Brava!

FORK Social Lab

"Mean Green," Jenn Wohletz, July 26

Green Achers

Well, I grew up in New Mexico and I have my preferences about green chile — and Santiago's ain't it. Primarily because green chile should be green, not the orangey gravy that Denver seems to favor. And because, IMO, their "green chile" is just too damn hot to enjoy. I like spice aplenty, but not just for the sake of making you sweat (like Brewery Bar II, as another example). Flavor is more important than heat. You want good New Mexico-style green chile, go to La Loma or Little Anita's.  

Just one New Mexican's opinion. As I have said before, there will never be a consensus on green chile in Denver, and that's okay — to each his/her own.

Glad for Santiago's success, though. Sounds like Carmen has done a great job of taking care of her family and building a successful business.

Denver Dave
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