Reader: I Still Buy 90 Percent of My Pot on the Streets

Reader: I Still Buy 90 Percent of My Pot on the Streets
Photo by Brandon Marshall

A recent Ask a Stoner column noted that some dispensaries are now scanning IDs.

This policy is clearly troubling to many of our readers. Meanwhile, the conversation went off in a number of interesting directions.

Here's an exchange about when one reader buys at pot shops — and when he doesn't.

Jose Montoya writes:

Quality. I like the streets. But sometimes I want some shit the streets doesn't have readily available. Also the dispensary in Boulder is fighting for that street business, with some killer prices and strains.

Renee Moreno writes:

I understand the quality issue. I have a "friend" with a license, so that hasn't been a problem ;-) but if I didn't I could see where the dispensary would be a better choice.

Jose Montoya writes:

It's just a nice treat from time to time. But 90% of my money is on the streets.

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