Reader: I think you missed the bigger picture on climate change

"The Beetle and the Damage Done," Alan Prendergast, June 28

Meet the BeEtles

Although I liked the article about the beetle, I was wondering something. A few years back, they did fire testing on entire trees that were dead from these bugs. What they found was surprising in that the dead trees were harder to ignite than living ones due to the lack of needles, which act as tinder.

Also, I think you missed the bigger picture of climate change, which is a leading cause of not just this problem, but a great many we will face over the coming decades.


Mountain Pine Beetles

Gregory Rohs

"I'll Be Back," Jenn Wohletz, June 28

Bun on the Run

Okay, I understand that Laura Shunk has left the state, and I can see how it might be hard to fill the gap while you're still looking for a replacement...but to have a staffer review Red Robin, a hamburger chain? Not okay. Reprint reviews that readers have loved...print a list of restaurants that are new and look appealing...hell, have readers provide a writing sample and send them on a mission to review a restaurant — but don't insult your audience by asking them to engage in a review like this one. I'm an English teacher, love food, and have the summer off: Where would you like to send me?

Natasha Kasprzyk

Editor's note: If you hated our piece on Red Robin's Burger Works — a homegrown concept, by the way — you'll really hate the story on page 31. Until Laura Shunk's replacement is on board, we'll continue to fill Cafe with stories by our regular food writers — an approach we consider better for both readers and restaurants than offering an array of one-time reviewers.

"12 Types of Denver Musicians," Noah Van Sciver, June 21

Bands on the Run

Growing up as a girl who loved to make music on anything I could get my hands on seemed fun and exciting until I reached adolescence. That's when it became painfully clear that no matter how many types of music there might be in the world, the majority of musicians were men — white men, actually, and you can add affluent, as well.

Thank you, Noah Van Sciver, for reminding me that women get to make music in bedrooms and boys get to make it in Denver.

Molly Zackary

Hahahahahahahahahahahaaahahahahahaa. Hats off to the dude that created this.

Chuck Snow

Oh, the good ol' days — when, if you had long hair and were in a band, hot drunk chicks fell off bar stools onto our cocks, everywhere we turned. Then came along K. Cobain. Kids without any talent played for bar tabs, and we had to get real jobs. We actually had to work to get laid after that...

Tyler Hawkins


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