Reader: I'm More Terrified of People Carrying Bibles Than Guns

Reader: I'm More Terrified of People Carrying Bibles Than GunsEXPAND

The story of Noah Harpham, who killed three people after Colorado Springs police made a report that he'd been seen with a gun a lower priority (possibly owing to open-carry laws), prompted a provocative Comment of the Day.

In it, a reader claimed that anyone who wants to carry a gun everywhere is probably too unstable to have one.

This take begat many more, including the conversation-starter shared below.

Check out the original response, followed by several others.

Leland Schmidt writes:

I'm more terrified of people carrying bibles than guns.

Scott Holmberg writes:

The Constitution doesn't protect your right from being terrified.

Darrell Dean writes:

Why scared of a book to be hit with? Satan is afraid of the Bible, too.

Alyssa Innis writes:

Oh good, I carry both lol.

Josh Redmond writes:

Don't be afraid of people carrying bibles. I had someone like that come to my door so I answered the door in my underwear. They didn't want to talk and never came back

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