Smiley's R.I.P.
Smiley's R.I.P.

Reader: In praise of Smiley's, no longer the world's largest laundromat

Patricia Calhoun's post about the end of Smiley's, once the world's largest laundromat, sparked a lot of nostalgia among our readers, who associate it with a lot more than an often-unpleasant but necessary task.

Here's an example from someone who thinks there's still a place for laundromats in the 21st Century.

Fred Kaplan writes:

Laundromats are a dying breed. I like to go when I have large items to wash because of their large washers. They are also great when you have 5 or more loads since it saves a lot of time. While the crowd there was always "interesting," at least during day and evening hours you could feel safe.

For more memorable takes, visit our Comment of the Day archive.


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