Reader: It's ridiculous that we don't grow hemp

The Best of Denver 2013, March 28

Best Wishes

I eagerly await the Best of Denver every year, and the 2013 issue did not disappoint! I particularly enjoyed the essay looking back at past winners over the last thirty years; I am a regular at so many of those places. You forgot just one Colorado Classic:



Heather D'Angelo

"Tough Luck," Joel Warner, March 21



A Steep Slope

Inspiration is an often overused term. However, in the case of Joel Hunt, it is truly an under-estimation. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the story by Joel Warner that highlights one of the true American heroes who often go unnoticed and under-appreciated. Well done, Joel, times two!

This was one of the Westword stories that I religiously pick up this magazine to read. Not only a great look into one of Colorado's most known draws — skiing — but a truly great capture of many of the struggles our American servicemen and -women face all too often.

As a former United States Marine, I cannot say with any confidence that I know all of what Joel Hunt faces with the rising of each day's sun. What I can say is that as a veteran, a lover of all things snow and a fellow man, Joel Hunt is my new hero in life.
Joe Reed
Thank you for the story on Joel Hunt, which you published the same week as the ten-year anniversary of the War in Iraq. Ten years! Over that time, too many veterans have suffered because of their service there. Too many have not gotten the help from the government that they deserve. And the suffering will go on and on. I hope Joel Hunt is able to realize his dream.
Susan Larabie

"Green Acres," Melanie Asmar, March 14

Hemp, Hemp Hooray!

I once wrote a paper in college about hemp and gave a speech about it. This was in the early 1990s, and I got bad grades for content, even though the assignment was to write about anything. I put a lot of work into the paper, and now, after twenty years, I feel vindicated. I never graduated from college, because they really were not looking for people who thought or wanted to think outside of the box. I would love to get into the hemp industry. I live in an agricultural community in Texas, and I think it's ridiculous that we don't grow hemp. Especially when people are on government assistance and out of work. What a waste, in so many ways.

Brian Stripling
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Well done! The feds say there's not enough $$ to go after hemp growers (except the poor Indians). So someone should start a protest and get 1,000 or more people to openly plant at least one acre of hemp. I'd like to see a thousand arrests. Ha. Not to mention locking them up; there aren't enough prison cells available. Ha, ha. Bog them down in paperwork: The feds will have to rethink their idiocy.
George Bauer


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