Reader: Juggalos need to ignore attention seekers hating on them

Our post about Juggalos Fight Back, a website designed to fight negative perceptions of Insane Clown Posse fans, attracted plenty of negative posts about ICP loyalists.

In response, a Juggalette shared advice about such feedback.

mamakeepzitreal writes:

2 every1 on this page here from the Juggalo/Juggalette FAM, STOP RESPONDING! 2 these ppl who r simply on here typing insult after insult. They r obviously seeking attention in whatever way they may receive it. My point, 'the attention seekers' will accept negative feedback. It is a form of attention 4 them. IGNORE THEM! None of us can do anything from behind a computer screen. Nothing in history has ever been properly dealt with by responding 2 ignorance with ignorance. Don't let any1 who is so unhappy that they would rather come visit this site & cuss & insult rather than go 2 a site that they might enjoy. Every1 that has felt attacked by 'the attention seekers' should simply take a breath, & consider how much U really care about what sum1 who obviously lives their life on a different level thinks about us. SO WHAT! The FBI case will most likely be dropped. As FACTS & PROOF r what hold up in a court room. Not isolated events.

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