Kara Nichols.
Kara Nichols.

Reader: Kara Nichols' links to drugs and prostitution doesn't guarantee a sad ending

Yesterday, we updated you on the search for Colorado Springs' Kara Nichols, missing since October, and her mother's revelation that she was involved in drugs and prostitution.

One reader knows such obstacles can be overcome from the personal experiences of a relative.

bugsycook writes:

Back in the 80s, I had a cousin in kind of the same situation; she got into drugs and hooked up with some shady gangbanger types here in Denver and they did take her to Las Vegas and got her into prostitution. She wasn't really held against her will per se, but she did "disappear" for a while too because she was too ashamed to let our family know what she was up to. She eventually came back home to Denver and turned her life around. Hope the same for this young woman.

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