Reader: "Kenny Be's holiday greeting cards were laugh-out-loud funny"

"Card-Headed," Kenny Be, December 22

Knit Wits

Kenny Be's holiday greeting cards in the last issue were laugh-out-loud funny. And the cover with Kenny in a Christmas sweater was creative genius! I love it when Westword "needles" the powers-that-be.

Dawn Solomon


Kenny Be

"Dust-Up!," Patricia Calhoun, December 22

Dust to Dust

I cannot believe that anyone thinks it's a smart idea to build near Rocky Flats. Plutonium lasts forever — or at least has a half-life of 24,000 years — but the memories of developers don't reach further back than yesterday.

Jeri Riley

Patricia Calhoun writes that "that decision paves the way for the Jefferson Parkway, a proposed four-lane toll road that would go through that right-of-way, finishing the metro beltway that's been the subject of a down-and-dirty fight for decades."

 It would not complete the beltway. It stops short at both ends, neither reaching C-470 nor the NW Parkway. It is a highway from Nowhere to Nowhere (or, to be less theatric, from Highway 128 to Highway 93). If we are going to take those environmental risks and most likely make suburban sprawl worse, it seems fair that those in favor of the Jefferson Parkway know what they are actually getting.

William Fickas

A toll road? So it will be an empty eyesore like E-470, but one that will need a separate pay system.

Lance Newcomb
Federal Heights

"Tilting at Windmills," Kelsey Whipple, December 8

We've Been Had!

This Corey Donahue is as clueless as Don Quixote; small surprise he's found his mentor. Who in the Occupy Wall Street movement has even heard of the following?

The Glass-Steagall Act or GSA (FDR, 1933), sometimes called the Banking Act of 1933, was repealed in 1999 under President Clinton. It outlawed improper banking activity and drove a safety wedge between investment banks and commercial banks. The 1933 law was supplanted by the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act, which might be termed the "Banking Open-Season Act."

Also under Clinton: The Financial Services Modernization Act, in 1999, and the Commodities Futures Modernization Act, in 2000. Together this legislation made possible the still-over-600-trillion-dollars of "derivatives" floating around out there that nearly brought the world's economy to a grinding halt in 2008 (and ever since)...not to mention commercial bankers acting like gamblers.

 Want to protest something? Protest our Congress. Occupy Wall Street (only); march everywhere else. Demand an end to lobbyists, and pork-barrel politics, and influence peddling, and mandate term limits. Reregulate the financial industry...and — oh — prepare for a rainy day! No matter how you cut it, we've all been had!

Gene W. Edwards
Colorado Springs

How naive to think that they could cease

Injustice in our world,

By joining hands in songs of peace,

With protest signs unfurled.

Then they dared presume to pitch a tent

Before the Capitol dome of gold,

Where power brokers pay the rent

And democracy's bought and sold.

So the police arrived with pepper spray

To douse their First Amendment rights,

Lest they drive the tourist trade away

Of cash-in-hand suburbanites.

Praise be to Mammon's hypocrites

And their new puppet without shame.

Big money's whore on the Colfax crown does sit,

And Hancock is his name.

Jeremiah M. Attridge


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