Reader: Landlords Are Overcharging Marijuana Businesses Because They Can

Reader: Landlords Are Overcharging Marijuana Businesses Because They Can

We recently posted about a report suggesting that the profusion of marijuana grows in Denver has created a warehouse-space shortage for other types of businesses.

Another apparent side effect: rapidly rising rent costs.

Readers had a wide variety of opinions about this development, with one of the most memorable suggesting that growers are more the victims in this scenario rather than the causes of it.

Here's her take.

Amber Rae writes:

Ah hahaha! Let's talk about how the people in the marijuana industry in these warehouses, seemingly pay more for them than if they were rented out to normal buisnesses....

When is the marijuana discrimination going to end?? They get charged double, then an article written about them like they are "stealing" instead of purchasing it for exuberants amounts of money.

If these other businesses were willing to pay as much as a co-op does to facilitate maijuana there, I am sure they would be there!!... But let's be honest. The landlords are very happy with their rental situations. That's why they rent to them year after year. I do not think regular businesses can afford warehouse space in Denver anymore.

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