Reader: Let's get rid of that disgusting zombie horse

"Yay or Neigh," January 31


Great write up by Patricia Calhoun! Give Jonathan Shikes kudos too, please, for his contribution.  Please keep "Mustang !" He is the one piece of art my friends and family always mention when they come to visit. Evil- looking or not, he has an interesting history and he stands out. If he scares some, well, maybe they'll stay out of our great state of Colorado and the traffic and lines for the ski lifts won't be so long.

Keep up the good work.



Jennifer Torres

Thank you for the issue of Westword that featured the sculpture-horse at DIA. The articles were informative, interesting and inspirational (i.e., this letter is being written).

The half-page succinct summary by Jonathan Shikes seemed to summarize it best for me with his five points. I, too, was leery and skeptical of the project — like many others, including Jonathan — but like him, "I've changed my mind completely." (And being third in the bizarre factor is not bad.)

From 1982 to 2007, I was a contract science teacher in Colorado, mostly in Denver Public Schools. Over the years, I came to appreciate the role and importance of art in life and in the classroom as I listened to students, parents and colleagues make comments about the art and artifacts in my classroom. An art object can provide focus, discussion, interest and inspiration for a designated environment. It can be like the perfect poem that captures and conveys the moment and place for the memory to be rekindled over and over again. Let's keep and maintain an artifact of our legacy, "Mustang."

Sachem LFBM

Have none of the anti-Mustangers ever seen two mustangs fighting over a mare? As far as I'm concerned, this sculpture has more art in its blazing eyes than all the oversized toys or spiraling yellow blocks that now pass for art. This "Mustang" is the real thing.

Thank you, Luis Jiménez.

Mark Scott

Disgustingly weird, anatomically correct zombie horse? Yeah, time to put it out to pasture.

Valerie Cates

Keep it. It's unique, controversial, striking and a little creepy. What more do you want in a piece of art?

Jesse Askeland

Seriously, most non-art peeps would vote to replace a Picasso with a Bob Ross painting because it was less offensive. Blucifer is a rare piece of artwork that has a backstory, relevance and actually has had an impact with viewers. I look forward to being welcomed back to Denver by our badass blue horse. We don't need to make our city as vanilla as others.

Andrew Nolte

I say leave it there.... Seriously, you're just going to make it angry...and you wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Bob Pearce


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