Reader: Marijuana legalization advocates need to take a big toke of reality

Patricia Calhoun's on-site report about this week's Great Marijuana Legalization Debate has quickly become a platform for debate among folks representing all sides of the issue. Here's a strong post from a reader who feels some advocates are living in a fantasy world.

Anonymouse writes:

Seek professional help for your imbalance, it leaves you oblivious to the reality of the world we live in. You damage the entire MJ as well as MMJ movements with your childish antics.

Bring an initiative and I'll most likely sign your petitions if you have the organizational strength to even get that far. Please stop mischaracterizing the efforts of the one guy who has demonstrated his ability to get us to a better position.

Look, we all understand that you want carte blanche to grow all the weed you want wherever you want and sell it to kids tax free while giving the cops the finger and smoking a fatty behind the wheel of your fuck-the-man-mobile. Shit doesn't work like that.

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