Mike Coffman.
Mike Coffman.

Reader: Mike Coffman's from Douchebagville, says Bill Maher about birther controversy

Our latest Comment of the Day comes complete with a video! Yep, Square State's Zappatero reached out to let us know that shmucky Representative Mike Coffman, pilloried by Rachel Maddow and her MSNBC colleagues for his recent birther remarks, was tattooed again over the weekend by Bill Maher. The HBO lightning rod used Coffman's logic to accuse Mitt Romney of having multiple wives -- sort of. Here's the comment and the clip.

Zappatero writes:

Bill Maher added one final indignity to Coffman's Birther "Gaffe" on his HBO show this past Friday. As Marc Anthony would say, "Sheck it out, mang....."

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