The interior of a Portland Loo.
The interior of a Portland Loo.
YouTube file photo

Reader: More Public Restrooms in Denver Are a Must — Especially After Indian Food

Our post about a new effort to push for more public restrooms in central Denver — and a human-waste map that shows the scope of the problem — got a lot of people talking.

Some respondents took a serious approach to what they see as a need for more facilities of this kind — perhaps along the lines of the Portland Loo, which sports a design seen above.

Others used franker language when addressing the topic.

Here's an example.

Christopher Bennett writes:

I think more public bathrooms are just a smart investment all long as there are people put in place to maintain them. There are just so many extenuating circumstances that can cause any person to need to use a restroom without wanting/being able to patronize a neighborhood restaurant or convenience store. Maybe you're out on a walk with your lady after having some Indian food and bam! Your stomach starts rumbling and you have an emergency. You're in the middle of a block, a mile from your car, no extra money to buy something in a store....what do you do? Wouldn't it be nice to see a public restroom around the corner? Or say you drive for Lyft or Uber. You just finish dropping off a passenger, you've been drinking from your water bottle all day and really need to just make a quick pit stop to take a piss...boom! Public restroom.

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