Reader: No surprise that law enforcement opposes Good Samaritan 911 overdose bill

A Good Samaritan bill intended to prevent those who call 911 when a friend is overdosing from being arrested for doing so passed the Colorado Senate despite very opposition at the committee level from a slew of law-enforcement groups. The antipathy of such organizations to the proposal didn't exactly shock one reader.

ShantiK writes:

Anything that would prevent the city from being able to make $ and with the rate of drug abuse climbing, of course they are going to object to such a bill. They are making it clear that their policies and priortities are focused on arrests and charges over saving lives and rehabilitation. The ability to pin someone with a drug felony almost certainly guarantees you a correctional cilent for life. Instead of setting up a drug court where addicts can redeem themselves through drug treatment and community service, while avoiding a charge that prevents them from obtaining housing, school loans and employment, they are shuffled through the jail/prison/probation/parole system at quadruple the costs to taxpayers and benefiting those who are employed to oversee the process.

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