Reader: Police's pepper spraying of 8-year-old was appropriate, mom putting boy on TV wasn't

Our post yesterday about Aidan, an eight-year-old pepper-sprayed by cops, and a police spokesman's view that this action was entirely justified, spurred plenty of debate about the appropriate use of force on a child. But one reader also took Aidan's mom to task for seeking publicity about the incident.

Beenthere writes:

You know, I figured this was just another excessive force incident but a kid that out of control is capable of hurting himself or others. Pepper spray worked, great, no long-term injury to anyone and most important of all... the kid is now seeing a doctor. I guarantee you there is more to this kind of behavior than just discipline problems and he should be getting medical and psychiatric help so he doesn't take these violent outburst into adulthood.

Mom. Grow the hell up and be a mother. That means keeping your child, your business, and his health issues out of the press and off the TV. If you need the drama I'm sure something in your life other than your little boy qualifies you to go on Jerry Springer.

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