Miguel Lopez.
Miguel Lopez.

Reader: Pot club a publicity stunt? How about Westword's pot critic?

You could hardly turn on television New Year's Day without seeing another report on Club 64, the state's first legal pot-smoking club -- as touted by attorney Rob Corry. "Freedom was in the house last night," Corry told CNN, sounding about as hip as a rapping grandmother, according to William Breathes.

Was it just a publicity stunt? That's what some people think, and told Breathes so. But one reader has thrown the flag on that play.

Says mass303:

Publicity stunt? Now that's a bit of the pot calling the kettle black isn't it? I mean, that's one of the reasons why The Westword has a marijuana critic, right?

Actually, we have a marijuana critic because the reporter covering the medical marijuana beat three years ago didn't smoke pot, and when he was writing about the burgeoning dispensary industry, he thought the beat needed someone who could sample the wares. We looked for a marijuana critic the same way we look for a restaurant reviewer: We invited anyone interested in the gig to submit a writing sample.

Funny, the national media never covers our search for a new Cafe critic, but they jumped all over this.

And the job hunt worked: We found William Breathes, a journalist with the reporting skills to give the subject the attention it deserves, but also an MMJ patient who really appreciates his meds.

What do you think of Breathes's reviews? His new Ask a Stoner column? The rest of our pot coverage? Post your thoughts below. From our archives: "William Breathes looks back on three years as the country's first pot critic."


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