Reader: Refusing gay weddings makes Masterpiece Cakeshop clueless

"Bird Brains," Off Limits, August 2

Empty Nest

The Big Year would have been a great choice for One Book, One Denver. I don't understand why Galveston can use a Colorado book but Denver can't. I really enjoyed both Mark Obmascik's book and the movie (which would come in handy for people who don't read).

Rodney Hart


Masterpiece Cakeshop

Who is head of the committee that picks the One Book, One Denver?  Maybe we need to send them a list of Denver authors — that would make a great read. My nomination would be Just Like Us: The True Story of Four Mexican Girls Coming of Age in America, by Helen Thorpe. It's a great read and definitely thought-provoking. I imagine it would get everyone talking!

Barb Wasko

I'm sorry they didn't pick Denver, by John Dunning. The name says it all.

Larry Washington

"Sugar Rush," Off Limits, August 9

That Takes the Cake

As a baker/cake decorator of 35 years experience (literally around the world), I can say that this cake-shop owner isn't a baker who's truly passionate about his chosen occupation. If he was, the personal lives of his customers wouldn't have any bearing on whether or not he did business with them. Statistically, perverted behavior is overwhelmingly to be found in the so-called normal, straight population. This clueless cake-shop owner would be really horrified if he could peek into the lives of some of his "God-fearing" customers. How would he like it if every time a customer came into his shop, they wanted to know about his private sexual habits as a condition of being a customer?

Protesting provides a locus for positive change...always has.


There are these cool little signs usually posted in bars; they read: "We Reserve the Right to Refuse to Serve Anyone."

The faggots (not PC; I refuse to use a word that means "happy" in reference to these people) and the liberals need to understand this. There are stores all over Denver that not only refuse to serve people with a concealed weapons permit, they refuse to let them into their store. The faggots think they have the right speak out, yell at and throw things at anyone who disagrees with their lifestyle. Yet the Christians and whoever else disagrees with them should not be able to voice their opinion? Which is pure bullshit, except for the fact that the government and liberals agree with them.

What is ironic is that the CEO of Chick-Fil-A never refused to serve anyone, he just voiced his beliefs. If the faggots and liberals get their way, this will be a hate crime, but the crap that comes out of their mouths won't be.

M. Anderson

Editor's note: Find many more comments — unsavory language and all — about the Masterpiece Bakery controversy at


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