Reader: Rich White People Care More About Golf Courses Than Flooding

The view from Denver City Park golf course.
The view from Denver City Park golf course.
File photo

Alan Prendergast's update on a new Denver stormwater plan generated some interesting responses.

As Prendergast wrote, city planners "settled on Denver's City Park Golf Course as the logical place to build a thirty-acre 'detention area' for stormwater runoff — a move that will involve closing the course for more than a year and bulldozing hundreds of trees."

Those who support the approach focused on the golf course closure, suggesting that the interests of duffers shouldn't trump safety considerations.

Here's a roundup of replies.

Jayson Vonfreizer writes:

Golf... The game of the white, privileged or rich individuals....

That land would be better suited as a park for all, or even housing....

Aaron Schulz writes:

Oh no! One of the many golf courses will be closed??!! #richwhitepeooleproblems

Andrei Andronescu writes:

Yes, because a golf course is more important than important storm-water management.

Bill Menezes writes:

Can't they just flood the whole thing and use it to stage mock sea battles?

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