The view from Denver City Park golf course.
The view from Denver City Park golf course.
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Reader: Rich White People Care More About Golf Courses Than Flooding

Alan Prendergast's update on a new Denver stormwater plan generated some interesting responses.

As Prendergast wrote, city planners "settled on Denver's City Park Golf Course as the logical place to build a thirty-acre 'detention area' for stormwater runoff — a move that will involve closing the course for more than a year and bulldozing hundreds of trees."

Those who support the approach focused on the golf course closure, suggesting that the interests of duffers shouldn't trump safety considerations.

Here's a roundup of replies.

Jayson Vonfreizer writes:

Golf... The game of the white, privileged or rich individuals....

That land would be better suited as a park for all, or even housing....

Aaron Schulz writes:

Oh no! One of the many golf courses will be closed??!! #richwhitepeooleproblems

Andrei Andronescu writes:

Yes, because a golf course is more important than important storm-water management.

Bill Menezes writes:

Can't they just flood the whole thing and use it to stage mock sea battles?

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