Reader: Scott Gessler's partisan actions disqualify him from office

"Scott Gessler Is Always Right," Sam Levin, January 10

The Right Stuff

As a citizen, voter and taxpayer, I was offended by Secretary of State Scott Gessler's implication that being concerned about making a living necessarily makes you a "conservative." (Quoting Gessler: "The thing that concerned [my parents] was earning a living...I think in retrospect they were conservative, but it's not like we used those words.")  Like Mr. Gessler's parents, my parents were hardworking, lower-middle-class Midwesterners concerned about making a living, but they never considered themselves "conservatives," nor would I consider them such in retrospect. They were moderate Democrats. My father appreciated that the union dues he paid made it possible for him to be compensated fairly for his hard work, and that allowed him to support his family and save enough money to send his daughter to college.  

Secretary Gessler's repulsive partisanship disqualifies him for the office he holds.


Secretary of State|Scott Gessler

Joan Jacobson

This blows my mind.  Bill Clinton commits perjury; Ted Kennedy, murder. But it's all good, since they are liberal. This man tries to enforce the law and make sure voters are, heaven forbid, citizens — and "Ethics Watch" tries to prosecute him for flying home to protect his family amid death threats? That's absolutely absurd — but unfortunately typical of liberals. It isn't enough to win most of the election; you then have to try to prosecute any other politician who doesn't fall in line with your left-wing agenda. No wonder many good people don't want to run for office anymore. It really is sad.

I would urge Gessler not to back down. Their efforts to intimidate and silence opposition must fail. 

Carlos Martinez
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"Too Many Mornings," Alan Prendergast, January 3

Save Yourself

Regarding the letter from Wade Johnson about the Kimmyan Franklin article: While I respect his interpretation and "feelings" about how this young woman could have been "saved," please, please, remember that not all of Westword's readers are Christian, Mormon, Lutheran, etc., etc., and they don't all subscribe to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

I never met this woman, but I read the story top to bottom and felt as sad as he did about her circumstances and untimely passing. It sounds like she indeed touched many lives, and it would have been wonderful if she could have changed her life around or had someone to help her do that. Finding and believing in religion is great for some, but not for all. I am sorry to say I don't think that her becoming a Bible thumper would have changed the outcome. It is nice to think that, though....

Deb Weisman

Chef and Tell, Lori Midson, January 17

Jelly Rolled

Check your sources before you print. David Payne did nothing but blow smoke up your a — . He's not a "chef" in any sense of the word.

Kenneth Mooney


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