Reader: Shame on Denver for Not Finding Solutions to Homeless Issues

A aign posted outside the Pipe Town site by the Platte.
A aign posted outside the Pipe Town site by the Platte.
Chris Walker

Just as Westword was going to press with this week's story on the city's ramped-up homeless sweeps, reporter Chris Walker received word that another sweep was imminent. That one wiped out "Pipe Town," one of the city's most hidden encampments. Unlike the major sweeps of March and July, this action was preceded by a vague notice to homeless-service providers — but was it enough?

Not according to John: 

It is truly a shame people didn't get a chance to see the community. I just don't see the logic in destroying a community that is living peacefully, safely, and isn't a significant drain on resources. Peace and safety were disturbed by the government wasting resources on destroying this freely living society. Shame on Mayor Hancock and the City of Denver – and, I suppose, shame on all of us for not acting or finding solutions to these issues.

What do you think the city should do regarding the homeless? What should Denver residents do?

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