Reader: Showing video of baby being slapped, shaken was piss-poor journalism

On Friday, we shared a video obtained by 9News showing Greeley couple Reba Doyle and Scott Liles slapping and shaking a baby under the theory that the clip underscored a serious issue that deserves as much attention as it can get. However, many readers were offended at our decision. Here's a sampling of the reactions.

Michelle Autry writes:

WTF! Don't show me this shit or I'll unlike your page! I know this crap happens! I don't need to witness it after the fact! Arrest the Fuckers! End of story!

Cory Taco Byrd writes:

Why would you post this. This is just as bad as murder porn (cop drama tv shows).

Alesia Lamar Bickford writes:

I guarantee...if I witnessed this first hand....the parents wouldn't have to worry about going to court! I would do the same to them....and much more! We need a spay and neuter program for people like this!

Nikki Zwijacz writes:

Yea like the movie 8mm, please don't post this crap to make a point piss poor journalism!

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