Reader: Sign spinners are pawns in the gold-accumulation conspiracy

"Wish You Were Here," Melanie Asmar, March 8

Have a Nice Trip!

I am a lifelong resident of Aurora. It is an okay place to live, but if I want entertainment of any kind, generally I go to Denver. The city is definitely not a place to make as a destination for recreation. What a waste of tax dollars.

Sad but true: If you do come to visit, bring your bulletproof vest and pack a 9mm or better, because the cops are completely worthless and run from the gangs, not to them.



Karl Wilson


"Spin City," Kelsey Whipple, March 15

Sign of the Times

I appreciated your street-level portrait of the ubiquitous sign spinners, but there is a much larger story that I would like to see addressed in the media, and that is the sad fact that these individuals are being used as shills for a much larger "conspiracy" to accumulate gold. According to ads on conservative talk radio — which is aimed at gold buyers, not gold sellers — a default of the federal government will send gold prices through the roof. What can we infer from this? That a government default would be a boon for both political conservatives and gold hoarders, who are mostly the same one-percenters. One must find income where one can these days, but to be a cog in such a calculated scheme to increase wealth while gaining political dominance is not my idea of gainful employment.

Jimi Bernath


"Liar, Liar," Off Limits, March 15

That's the Ticket

The ghoulish Harold Camping may be only slightly loonier than some of the Republican candidates for president — notably, Newt Gingrich, who has received the blessings of End Timer Tim LaHaye and Sheldon "Drive the Palestinians Into the Sea" Adelson. But don't expect anyone at CNN or Fox News to ask any of the candidates if they believe that war with Iran would be a desirable ticket to the Rapture, even though they've devoted hours to publicizing every accusation that President Obama is not a "true Christian."

Robert Ellis


"Musical Cheers," Juliet Wittman, March 15

Sound and the Fury

Sorry to pick nits, but an album featuring songs from a Broadway musical is an "original cast recording." Only films have soundtracks. As a musical theater reviewer (and a damn fine one, at that), Juliet Wittman should know the difference. In her defense, I know a few gay male theater queens (which, contrary to popular belief, is NOT redundant...well, not always) who constantly confuse those two terms, and they REALLY should know better!

Mike Szillagyi



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