Reader: "Solitary confinement for extended periods is...state-sponsored torture"

"Blue in Orange," Melanie Asmar, November 7

Piling On

Hey, Willie Clark, did you treat Darrent Williams fairly when you murdered him? What goes around comes around. Don't flatter yourself: You're not the most hated man in Colorado — but you are a murdering asshole.
John McCall
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There isn't enough room in solitary confinement for each and every convicted murderer. (Seriously, I wonder how many armchair pundits here would be willing to pony up the extra hundreds of millions of dollars to set aside for ad seg. Very few, I would imagine.) Also, the circumstances involved in each individual crime widely vary. What this really is about is a particular individual whose victim happened to be a beloved professional athlete. Had this been an average citizen, his case would not have garnered as much attention (and outrage) from the general public.


Willie Clark

Frankly, this just proves that regardless of their so-called principles, people still place status and wealth above all other factors when it comes to the criminal-justice system. Just imagine the outcome if the roles of Williams and Clark had been reversed. You'd have a situation similar to that of revered retired NFL linebacker Ray Lewis, who dodged a murder charge after his first Super Bowl win.
Craig Maybell
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It's Department of Corrections, not "Department of Retributive Punishment." Regardless of whether Clark is guilty, ad seg is a harmful pile of bullshit. If the goal is to essentially make Clark nonexistent, then he should have been executed. If, however, the goal is rehabilitation and socialization prep, solitary confinement is about the worst choice possible. Solitary confinement for extended periods is nothing less than state-sponsored torture.
Mason T. Green
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Let him into the population of the best Bronco fans in the prison.

William Covington
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Latest Word, Melanie Asmar, October 31

Math Class

Congratulations to all of the Denver School Board candidates who won. All of them — Barbara O'Brien, Rosemary Rodriguez, Mike Johnson and Landri Taylor — outspent their opponents by at least two to one. Where did this money come from? One group is the Arnold Foundation out of Texas. John Arnold is a hedge-fund manager who has contributed money to organizations that encourage state and local governments to reduce benefits to workers and invest assets in hedge funds. Another is Patrick Hamill, a founder of the Foundation for Educational Excellence. This group advocates "autonomous" schools and has been instrumental in promoting the closing of public schools and the summary firing of entire school staffs. We now have a clear definition of school reform in Denver: dismantling our public school system. Thanks to Arnold, Hamill and others, Denver has the finest school board that money can buy.
Don Batt


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