Reader: "Sooner or later your body will break down"

"Tome on the Range," Patricia Calhoun, September 1, 2011

Last Writes

New mayor, same old song. We can only hope that Michael Hancock will recognize the importance of the Denver arts scene and pick a local author for One Book, One Denver next year. That, at least, would be something positive that could come out of the merger of Theaters and Arenas with the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs — which never seemed to recognize that Colorado had a literary scene.

Suzanne Stein


One Book, One Denver


Congratulations to Calhoun. I've been saying much the same thing in print for years, but all it got me was hostility from the mayor's office. This is unlikely to change. Nice going, just the same.

David Milofsky Greenwood Village

"Running on Empty," Joel Warner, august 25

Run for Your Life

Great story, well told, to show how exercise can either become an obsession/addiction or "embody exactly the opposite wholeness."

Yvonne Barcewski


Diane is an inspiration!

Sarah Wilson


Lifting weights is a much more viable option than running or dressing up in goofy spandex and bicycling.

Mark Pruitt

Posted at

I am so old-school that I remember when the New York City Road Runners Club sent out its results on mimeographed sheets. We actually wore racing bibs! I am still working out decades later, but I had to learn some hard lessons along the way, as did all of my friends.

Sooner or later your body can and will break down, so moderate; it is okay to stop exercising for a week or more just to slow down and smell the flowers; chances are you will never be a world-class athlete...your time in a meaningless race is, well, meaningless. And, most important, you don't have to prove anything to anybody.

Bruce Wolk


Ask a Mexican, Gustavo Arellano, September 1

Flag Wavers

Do you need to know English to be American? No, but it's a matter of respect for the country that provided you and your family with a home, job and, most important, all of those government handouts. Wave the American flag? No, you can fly your flag, but both should be flown for the same reason as listed above, and the American flag is flown higher.

I don't know any illegals who are patriotic; I would love to see that. But using Gustavo's logic, there are a loooooot of pendejos in this country, because there are a lot of folks sick and tired of seeing illegals streaming in.

Just follow the criteria and shut up already.

Diane Garcia

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"Meating Expectations," Laura Shunk, August 25

Pleased to Meat You

I have eaten at Crave at least twelve times, and I think that it serves the most amazing food. Jeff Richards is a culinary genius. Nobody I know who has eaten at Crave has not fallen in love with the concept. They had me at the first bite of the Nutty Professor burger.

Eric W. Olsen



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