Reader: That Santa gave my kids a Christmas to remember

"Altered State," Off Limits, November 29

High Ideals

Loved the "Hey Bud!" postcard in Off Limits last week. If Visit Denver had any idea of what a bonanza the legalization of recreational pot is going to be for Colorado, they would be making those cards for real and advertising our real "Rocky Mountain High" right now.

Josh Parker


Bill Lee

"Santa Is Grounded," Melanie Asmar, November 22

Run, Run, Rudolph

It made me sad to read this article. I met Bill Lee darn near 23 years ago. He and his wife, Carol, gave my kids a Christmas they will never forget. The kids are in high school now, and still tell all their friends about that one year that Santa came to their home, woke them up in the middle of the night, gave them presents and brought Vixen up on our front porch for them to pet. They still have all the pictures to prove it.

His work is tireless, thankless and priceless, and it changes little lives forever. My wife and I would love to see this situation turn around for them, like the cop and waitress in It Could Happen to You. Our money order to them is in the mail today.

Jeff Neuhalfen

I was just sent "Santa Is Grounded" by a friend and must admit I was a little surprised. I received a message from the reporter several weeks ago, and I did not return it because I was told by the Clear Creek County DA that I would be receiving a summons to testify in this case. Well, to my surprise, Melody Charlton got hers, but I never received one. I do not regret making the call to animal authorities. The neglect and conditions those animals lived in did not happen just in the time span of Bill Lee's accident.

One point I would like to clarify is that the two donkeys that I was going to foster were part of the herd in the round pen that Bill Lee stated were wild. Ms. Charlton and myself were able to enter that corral, halter both donkeys, open the gate, lead them to a tie pole and nurse them. We did this on two separate occasions. These were not wild donkeys that had never had human contact. The time came to pick them up, and I was told by Carol Lee that Bill Lee said I could not take them.

I saw intact males running with does in the goat pens, and a three-legged pregnant goat that was kept in a horse trailer. It goes on and on. The shape of Bill Lee's animals is a matter of record; it took years to get that bad.

I just wanted to set the record straight on my end. This was not something I did out of meanness or revenge; I struggled for several weeks but could just not justify the conditions these animals lived in. I offered to help the best I could, and the help was refused.

Belinda Douglas

Thank you so much for the coverage of Bill Lee. His issue does not fall on deaf ears, and I am so thrilled to see his cheery smile!

Maria Indrehus


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