Reader: The other presidential candidates could learn a lot from Shelby the dog

"Wag the Dog," Off Limits, October 25

Canine Corner

I'm glad to see Shelby the dog is running for President. We need a candidate that is well behaved and whose bite is worse than her bark. It is also a relief to see her campaign is small enough not to be influenced by big donors. Above all, it is good to know that she won't be making robocalls, sending tons of junk mail, and hopping onto the stage the second there is a 1/2 percent change in the polls.

The other candidates could learn a lot from Shelby on how to keep the election season from going to the dogs.



Alex Teitz

"Lethal Election," Alan Prendergast, October 18

DA or Not DA

I want to express my appreciation for Alan Prendergast's ongoing coverage of the Arapahoe County District Attorney's Office, most recently in "Lethal Election." The eyes of the world will be on this office because of the James Holmes case; when they look this way, they should not see a kangaroo court.

At this time, the DA's office cannot afford to act as though it is above the law.

Joan Parker

What a fascinating article. It opened up my eyes to the political contrivances going on in Arapahoe County.

The people of Arapahoe County should be very worried: Feldman is endorsed by disgraced former District Attorney Dave Thomas and Brauchler worked for disgraced former District Attorney Dave Thomas.

That Feldman would seek and embrace such an endorsement is upsetting and confusing, to say the least. Is he unaware of Thomas's involvement in the secret meetings and the coverup of the Columbine lies by Jefferson County? If he is aware, why would he accept such an endorsement? Either way, he must think we are all stupid, or he is pretty damn well out of touch.

And Brauchler worked for Dave Thomas. What was his involvement in the widespread coverup and the secret meetings that kept the truth from the families of the murdered children?

I, for one, would like to know.

I, for one, believe the voters should be informed on this topic.

Is there a debate between these two politicians, uh, I mean potential district attorneys?

There are some questions the informed citizens should be able to ask.

Who can we trust?

Randy Brown

Anyone is better than the witch in office now. Good riddance, Carol Chambers. And take your payola for convictions with you.

Name withheld on request

After listening to the two candidates debate, it is clear that Ethan Feldman is the candidate who has the experience, wisdom and integrity that is needed for this position. 

Christina de Varona
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