Reader: The Roman Catholic Church is wrong about when personhood begins

"The Meaning of Life," Melanie Asmar, January 24

Pray As You Go

I think the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) is wrong about when personhood begins. I think the RCC is wrong about contraception. I think the RCC is wrong about abortion.

But I absolutely agree with this RCC hospital's current defense in this lawsuit.


Roman Catholic Church

I'll bet there are people with ulterior motives assisting the plaintiff, who is financially bankrupt, and could not possibly be continuing this lawsuit without considerable help. Bills have been repeatedly introduced into the Colorado legislature trying to make the negligent killing of a human fetus a separate crime. These bills have tried to declare a fetus a person. Each time, these bills have been defeated. I see this lawsuit as an attempt to exploit a man's pain and grieving for political purposes. To obtain through judges what they cannot obtain through the legislature.

I thought conservatives were opposed to "judicial activism"?

The best outcome would be a compassionate settlement by the hospital, acknowledging the man's grief, pain and loss without admitting guilt by the hospital or personal physician — and leaving current Colorado law alone.

Peter Gross

I'm originally from Cañon City, and St. Thomas "Morgue" has a pretty bad reputation anyway. If you can, it's been worth the time to go out to Colorado Springs or Pueblo. This is still a very disappointing act on behalf of Centura. It's even more disappointing that Colorado voters have not shown interest in protecting human life.

Mike Enderle
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I find it interesting that the Catholic Church will tell someone who wants an abortion in their first trimester that life begins at conception, but if a Catholic hospital makes a mistake, they use state law to their advantage — claiming a seven-month-old fetus isn't a person.

It seems all they do these days is CYA and damage control. Pathetic.

Kerri Beaudoin
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Jeremy is my nephew. I will always remember that evening when Jody, Jeremy's younger brother, called. Our family was gathered at my parents' house playing cards in central Texas and celebrating the new year. I picked up the phone to say "Happy New Year" when Jody said that Lori was dead and that Zach and Sam were dying. He was crying and saying that there was no doctor, no one to help them. It was gut-wrenching. Our entire family has been affected by the boys' needless deaths.

Teresa Shillings
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"The Lifers Book Club," Alan Prendergast, January 17

Throw the Book at 'em!

Bravo, Alan! As usual, your articles are not only well-written and informative of the hidden facts, but inspirational, too. Keep 'em coming.


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