Reader: The service at New Saigon isn't great, but the food is fantastic

"On a Roll," Laura Shunk, March 8

All Viets Are Off

There goes Laura Shunk again with her trailblazing reviews. New Saigon is ridiculously overpriced, has a notoriously rude staff, and serves average food. It's 2012; there are a plethora of great Viet restaurants in Denver now, yet they're deprived of the proper recognition they deserve for actually caring about their customers and serving great food at reasonable prices — in part because of retread reviews like this one. New Saigon has had more than its fair day in the sun. Time to let the other restaurants shine.

It's not my intent to attack Ms. Shunk, but as a Vietnamese Colorado-born native and foodie, I'm tired of hearing about New Saigon. It makes your reviews seem out of touch and dated. Golden Saigon in Aurora is excellent and supremely excels over New Saigon in several areas, yet I've never seen anything written about it in Westword.


New Saigon

Pete Nam My


I love New Saigon. My mom, who doesn't even live in Denver, showed me this place a few years ago. I kind of forgot about it, and I just recently started going back. I just moved into the neighborhood, so it is just up the street! Unfortunately, the service is not so great, but at least they are friendly, and the food is fantastic. My only beef is that the egg rolls in the noodle bowls can be stale sometimes, but otherwise it is great!

Leanne Mathews


"Secret Stashes," William Breathes, March 1

Snow Job

I learned about the Winter Park huts on my first road trip to Colorado in 1991. After moving to Vail in '92, we created many of the great local hideouts — Berries Hut (made from the remains of an original sheepherder cabin), the Equilibrium Hut (EQ), Bwana Palace — all gone now, thanks to Vail Resorts and the U.S. Forest Service. We always kept them clean, but after an early spring visit when the wife of a VR executive saw some garbage that had melted out before we had a chance to do some maintenance, BOOM!

A waste of a constantly shrinking USFS rec budget.

Andy Stewart


I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, Jeff Otte, March 1

Mustaine Disdain

This is getting ridiculous. Yes, Dave Mustaine's appearance on American Idol was funny. That is why the producers allowed him to make it on air. Yet Jef Otte wants us to believe that this was some kind of Tony Clifton level of performance. It is so obvious he got on because he could be reliably wacky. His appearance wasn't a prank; it was a calculated move to get the "crazy" guy on TV. And the crazy guy didn't break character. So good for him, but please stop acting like everyone involved with the show wasn't in on the joke.

Dave Garner



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