Reader: The sun is out, but where are the men?

"Hit or Myth," Off Limits, October 10

Myth Colorado

After this rainy September, I wondered about that "300 days of sunshine" line you always hear. Thanks for clearing it up.
Sarah Smith

"Three hundred days of sunshine" doesn't mean 300 sunny days; it just means 300 days where the sun is visible for one full second.
Tracy Strode
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myths about Colorado

I don't know about the 300 days of sunshine, but Denver has some seriously pussified/sissified men!
Nicole Mills
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Denver (and Colorado as a whole) has a lot of men clearly compensating for lack of something with their big ol' cowboy hats (and they aren't herding cattle) and vulgarly massive trucks.
Stacey Rogers
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I see the sun a lot, but where are the men?
Lyn Wheaton
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I wonder if the "Menver" thing might be accurate in some cases — specifically, if the census data was analyzed in more detail to consider the ratio of men to women a) among the single (not married) population; b) among the 20/30-something population; and c) among those who reside in or very close to downtown Denver.
N. Johnson
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Let's start with this photo...mountains on the wrong side of town, green land where the Highlands area is, and the pot plants...yeah, they grow freely just like that. Oh, don't forget...we completely took out the interstate so we can be manly and ride horses on the countryside because it's Denver!
Becca Cole
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How about all the myths that are true?
Sam Rodgers

Editors note: We'll explode more myths in an upcoming issue. For many more comments on this Off Limits item, go to

"Drawing the Line," Melanie Asmar, October 3

Living At-Large

Thank you for the profiles of the school-board candidates, especially the people running at large. You would think it would be easier to educate ourselves about the people who want to oversee the education of our children.
Lucy Hildebrand

Joan Poston: No website! Is she running in the 1993 school-board election?

Michael Kiley: Tool of the teachers' union.

Barbara O'Brien: Tool of corporate interests who want to privatize schools.
Dave Barnes


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