Reader: This student should stop meddling with the Gates site

"Blow Back," Melanie Asmar, August 23

Drunk Tank

When this clown opened his operation, he sent letters to a multitude of agencies, trying to poach therapists. 

Their case managers are given numbers to meet. If they meet these financial numbers, they are given bonuses. If they don't, they are written up. They misrepresent themselves as "probation officers" in order to intimidate first-time offenders into thinking they have more power than they do.


Gates Rubber factory

You get what you pay for. If you want to be treated like a number and a cash register, get nothing out of group (even though you complete your hours), 1st Alliance (RMOMS) is the place for you. Know your rights.

Ryan John Smith

Latest Word, August 16

Who Got Burned?

Thanks for the memories with your article about Marvin Hamlisch's "The Fire of MSC."  I was a student percussionist and played in the orchestra mentioned in the program for Hamlisch's honorary-degree presentation. I also played on two recordings that were made, including one at an expensive downtown studio. I'm convinced those recordings are tucked away somewhere in Metro's hallowed storage rooms. When we students first caught wind of the lyrics, it became quite a joke. The trite cheesiness of his song made it clear he'd put little time into it, but probably for a big paycheck.  There is much that made the whole hot mess a laugh riot: If you look at the music, when the chorus sings the line "feel the fire," the melody line is a direct quote of "Frosty the Snowman."

Metro State College became Metro State College of Denver almost immediately after he wrote the song, rendering it pretty much useless; the painting of him features McNichols Arena in the background, long since demolished, and the biggest kicker of all? The honorary doctorate he received was from an institution with no doctoral program, then or now. As we Metro grads have always said, that is soooo Metro.

Kurt Ochsner

"Trouble in the Rubble," Alan Prendergast, August 16

The Gates of Hell

Denver's landmark process has been a source of easy abuse for a very long time. I get the idea behind it, but it ends up costing people tens of thousands of dollars to fight off bogus applications. I know; my family was put through an extremely hostile designation process. Non-residents/non-property owners within Denver should never be able to pull this.

This kid has no place doing this and no concept of what he's done. I don't care about what he's "read," and I don't care about all the people whose families worked in the factory for years. Yeah. Good for you. It's a toxic site that can actually be cleaned up and used for the greater good instead of your distant memories.

Catherine Potts


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