Reader: Urban camping ban to make Denver look less friendly to homeless, and that's good

As Kelsey Whipple reported, the Denver City Council gave preliminary approval to an urban camping ban earlier this week. The issue divided the overflow crowd attending the public hearing on the issue, and it's dividing our readers, too. Here's a comment from someone in favor of the ban.

Downtown Guy writes:

Those of us who live downtown are tired of human feces on our porches, half eaten food and chicken bones being gobbled up by our pets, and trash scattered all over the place within feet of empty unused trash cans.

Letting people sleep on the streets and trash our city is NOT a good way to deal with Homelessness. Making Denver at least LOOK less friendly to the transients will be helpful. Denver should look out for Denver's homeless not those who stop by and trash our city.

So I support this law as at least a deterrent to lower the levels of homeless getting off the greyhound and trashing our business neighborhoods.

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