Reader: Walk a week in Denver Boone's moccasins

"Uh-Oh, Pioneers!," Patricia Calhoun, April 4


Chancellor Robert Coombe says: "It quickly became clear that Boone was a polarizing figure that did not reflect the growing diversity of the DU community, but rather was an image that many women, persons of color, international students and faculty members found difficult to relate to as defining the pioneering spirit." How very true...the number of "Coloraaaaadens" who would have


ability to relate to a pioneer are getting fewer and fewer. The ability to venture out into an unknown land, face hardships of weather, wild beasts and other challenges without their BlackBerry and government assistance has gone the way of the trolley car and drive-in movie.


Denver Boone

Colorado was built on a pioneer spirit, the kind of spirit you only read about in tales of Lewis and Clark, and for that era of Colorado history, Boone was appropriate and reflected the "rugged individualism" of most Coloradans.

But now DU represents the latte-and-scones, trust-baby mentality of its students, who couldn't change a tire on their Audi or BMW without a call to the auto club. "Pioneering" to them is stretching the envelope of "decency" by writing a politically correct, THC-enhanced term paper that attacks every white male and any American institution and vilifies the very pioneers who built Denver and provided the civilization in which they thrive. They are the ones who hate the smell of late January because the Stock Show is so "unsophisticated" and really think Colorado would be so much better if it was more like San Francisco. They are the grown-up larvae of the "Me" generation who have taken it one step further to the "Me and Only Me" generation — while charging it all to Mummy and Daddum's credit card.

They could no more survive a week in Daniel Boone's moccasins than go a day without checking their Facebook. So goodnight, dear Denver Boone. You, like many of us multi-generational Coloradans, have no place in this new era. With the continued Californication of our dear state, I'm sure many of us will be joining you soon!

Charles K. Byrne

I just hate how people try to pass their desire to have Boone as a mascot as a desire for "transparency" or a "way to bring the school together." They need to realize that those two things do not mix well with racism.

Marin Klostermeier
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The University of Denver has never cared about public opinion unless there is a huge amount of money tied to it. Especially if that public happens to be students or alumni; our opinions count even less.

Dev Adams

Best of Denver, March 28, 2013

Bust of Denver?

Please, please make the Best of Denver list more relevant and get rid of all the superfluous categories. All the additional and meaningless groups lessen the interest in your efforts and makes me (and other people?) not want to read it. Think of shorter, more meaningful, relevant. Thanks.

Bob Winkler


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