Reader: Want Tim Tebow Back in Denver? Then You Don't Deserve Peyton Manning

Tim Tebow.
Tim Tebow.
File photo

After the Broncos defeated the Baltimore Ravens in what ESPN commentator Mike Greenberg accurately described as a "slugfest," Twitter exploded.

And not with compliments for Peyton Manning.

The ugly performance by Manning during his first regular-season game under new coach Gary Kubiak caused many viewers to declare him done — and some even pined for the return of Tim Tebow.

A similar range of reactions popped up on our top twenty tweets about the game.

Take this reader, who's decidedly pro-Manning and anti-Tebow.

Brian Batrowny writes:

Can't wait for Peyton to leave Denver. You don't deserve him. You will be trash the day he leaves. I guess you forgot about how bad Tim really is.

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