Reader: Westword leads the world in pot reporting

"The New Cold War," Caleb Hannan, November 8

God's Gift

Great article by Caleb.

Have you ever considered that the more people patent ideas, the more worthless they seem to be? I mean, the Bible, Shakespeare and countless other classics were never copyrighted. Today everything is copyrighted. I think ideas are gifts from God to share with others. The more we try to make them proprietary, the less valuable they are. God does not like hoarders.


letters to the editor

Menachem Mevashir

"Pot Bank," Latest Word, November 15

Pot and Pans

I enjoyed your article about the banking issue that our MMJ industry is working through.

I would have said this in the comments section on, but I don't feel like getting thirty e-mails from DonkeyHotay today.

Keep up the good work. Colorado leads the world on marijuana policy, and Westword leads the world in marijuana reporting.

Not a bad combo, if you ask me.

Mike Lemon

I spend a fair amount of time on, and read the weekly regularly. In fact, it is my primary Denver news source.

Online, I often get into very engaging conversations with strangers. Almost every time I am compelled to comment on a story on, however, there is a comment troll by the username of DonkeyHotay dominating the thread in both volume of comments and often as the subject of everyone's comments reacting to his insulting demeanor. It's really unpleasant.

I know it can take a lot of manpower to moderate comments, but perhaps switching to a Facebook commenting system that eliminated anonymity, or just forming a policy around comment suitability and then banning all first-time offenders, would at least deny him the notoriety he clearly enjoys. At the least, I wanted to provide the feedback that while I love a lot about Westword, I don't participate online the way that I otherwise would if it were a nicer environment, and I'm sure there are a lot of other people who feel the same.

Benjamin Porter

Editor's note: While DonkeyHotay tops the list of commenters that readers would like to see banned, h/she is not the only one. Watch for profiles of some of our more prolific posters on, where we'll also discuss our moderation policies.

"Play Misty," Aaron Frank, November 1

Father Knows Best

"Play Misty" was a great article; thanks for publishing it. Aaron Frank did a great job painting his tale of an artist I've been following and enjoying for many years.

Andrew Porter


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