Reader: Westword's marijuana cover is perverted and debauched

"Garden of weedin'," William Breathes, November 1

A New Leaf

Loved the "In the Beginning" illustration for the cannabis cover. It was the perfect image to show the world as "Colorado went to pot" with the passage of Amendment 64.

Rae Reynolds


Amendment 64

If you have the Holy Bible on hand, please get it and read the following verses of the Holy Scriptures in the King James Version or the New King James Version: Genesis Chapter 1, verses 1, 26, 27, 28; Chapter 2, verses 7, 8, 15, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25; Chapter 5, verses 1, 2; Galatians Chapter 6, verses 7, 8.

The picture shown on the front page of the November 1 Westword is full of corruption and trash. The picture depicted was never meant to be that way by God Omnipotent Divine Creator of the Human Race. It's a sign of a diabolic presentation to the public.

What a shame! There is nothing good about it. It's absolutely disgusting. You are not okay in your way of thinking. You are absolutely depraved, corrupted, perverted, debauched and demoralized in your heart and mind! Think about that!

You owe an apology to the public, if you please.


"Sweet and Sour," Gretchen Kurtz, November 1

You're Darn Teuton!

As someone from Boulder who currently lives in Germany and has a great appreciation for and knowledge of German cuisine, I find the review of Cafe Berlin to be horribly incorrect. The largest problem is the author's statement that typically cuisine which comes from a national origin is unique to that national origin. The menu has been the way it's been because it's reflective of German cuisine. Cafe Berlin offers, in my opinion, wonderful German food that is of great quality, and just as good and authentic as it is here in Germany.

This isn't Bennigan's; people don't go to Cafe Berlin for reinventions of the wheel. Your article's logic is like telling the Italians that pasta has been done already, so they should really start reinventing their entire national cuisine. If you want good German food, you're going to get schweinekotellet mit Äpfeln and sauerkraut — because that's what it is: German food.

Ian Nissen
Regensburg, Germany

I so totally agree with this review. Cafe Berlin is totally lame and has been since day one — I should know, because I was there for the opening. Our last experience there was so bad that we have sworn it off forever. Service and food were abysmal. You're better off at Golden Europe, Chinook (though very pricey) or Helga's. For the best German in Colorado, you needed to take a road trip to Colorado Springs for the really wonderful Heidelberg; until it closed, that was the very best of the best.

Denver Dave
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