Reader: When a sane person is armed, crazy people get off fewer shots

Yesterday, we gave you a detailed look at the massive Liberty Firearms Institute, a veritable gun Disneyland that should break ground soon in northern Colorado. Among the comments that collected on the post was the following -- an enthusiastic endorsement for the project and for the sort of folks for whom it's designed.

totink writes:

I'm so looking forward to having this facility available to train and socialize with my firearms friendly community. I used to sell t-shirts at most of the Northern Colorado gun shows and I can tell you, I've never been around a friendlier more trustworthy group of people. I'm a "minority" female and I've been show the utmost respect and consideration at gun shows, shops and shooting ranges. I think the more patience, understanding and respect we show to people who are different than us, the better environment we create.

What I've learned from our firearms friendly community:

- Question authority.

- When a sane person is armed, crazy people get off fewer shoots.

- It's better to be your own hero.

- Never trust your life or the life of someone you love to a cheap gun.

- The goal is to eliminate threats, not create them.

- 'Gun Control' is actually victim disarmament.

- The stronger you become, the gentler you will be.

And my favorite quote right now is - "This country has a Mental-Health-Problem disguised as a Gun-Problem... and a Tyranny-Problem disguised as a Security-Problem." -- Joe Rogan

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