Reader: Where did the Savage Love column go?

Beatdown, Dave Herrera, April 11

Hard to Swallow

I find this completely ridiculous! Over the past eight months, it has been reported that Swallow Hill was going to expand and open a campus in the Lowry Town Center. As a family, we have been taking music lessons and have been very excited about the buzz of the expansion to the Lowry Town Center. But as you recently reported, now it is no longer an option. Swallow Hill would have been a great addition to this community of kids and adults alike in east Denver.

Matt Manone

"Rocky Mountain High," April 18, William Breathes

High Hopes


Savage Love

I want to thank


and William Breathes for your continued coverage of the marijuana issue. This new industry has such potential for good in Colorado — but without a watchdog, things could also be done very badly. I rely on your resident stoner to keep me informed!

Hank O'Neal

With all the ads and stories devoted to marijuana in the last issue, I'm surprised you don't change the name of your publication to Weedword. Or maybe Westweed.
Julie Palmer

As one who has been self-medicating illegally for 46 years, I should be especially celebrating the apparent legitimization (a better word than legalization, which is still a contested point) of recreational marijuana. After all, my hippie posse thought it would be legal by 1970, especially after participating in a "smoke-in" in NYC in the summer of '67. And yet, after moving to Colorado from the repressive South in '74, I never felt paranoid about holding and using or had any difficulty scoring good weed.

I know it is good medicine for many things — physical, emotional, spiritual, social — but it helps if one knows how to use it judiciously, even for ecstatic purposes.

Anyway, congratulations to young people who may actually grow up in a kinder, gentler world because of ganja. Use it for energy and for inspiration.
Jimi Bernath

Savage Love, Dan Savage


Imagine my surprise last week when I couldn't find the column by Dan Savage. Bigger surprise, he's not in the current paper, either. Did you drop him, or did he drop you? Or did he just "get lost" in the MMJ ads?

Barb Wasko

Editor's note: Dan Savage didn't get lost; we're no longer publishing his syndicated column. But you can still read it — for free! — on the website of Savage's home paper, The Stranger, at


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