Reader: Whether you're gay or fat or a nerd or foreign, bullying is unacceptable

"Over the Rainbow," Jessica Lussenhop, May 31

Bully Pulpit

Let's all throw a pity party and elevate them higher on the victim pedestal. The only thing lower than these social lowlifes are the whiners who encourage them. Grow up and quit looking for reasons to be a crybaby.

Life's hard.... It's even harder when you're stupid.


Gay Bullying

Dave Todd

Most bullies have been bullies from an early age. Corporate Bully Romney now wants to be President Bully Romney, having been Schoolhouse Bully Romney. Whether it was a gay kid or a fat kid or a foreign kid or a nerd kid is unimportant; bullying is unacceptable. It is the idiocy of power over those who have none, and it is un-American to allow any underdog to suffer ill treatment by those who gain their glory at the expense of those who cannot defend themselves.

Terry Ray Anderson
Posted at

Gays are a target for a lot; it's nice to know that so much is being done about bullying in all spectrums. One day, maybe we won't have so many annoying dipsticks bullying and harassing people cause of the differences between them.

Keep up the good work.

Joey Loughary
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¡Ask a Mexican!, Gustavo Arellano, May 24

Goodbye, Cruel World

We inhabit such a cruel world, as Alan Prendergast pointed out in his brilliant article on the ugly Mayhem Festival and the implacable Arapahoe County district attorney.

Perhaps that's why it hurt more than usual to read ¡Ask A Mexican! in the same issue, when Gustavo Arellano replied to a man who was told he had a "big dick — for a Mexican." I don't know what that means, but Arellano's response — "Want to teach her a lesson? Get her pregnant" — seemed harsh and heartless, hateful and mean.

Absorbing his oppressive column each week is rough enough, but this reached a new low.

David Lewis

My mom's a sixth-generation Chicana from San Antonio and my father is from Guanajuato. To be a Chicano is soooo different from being Mexicano. Food, music, customs, certain Spanish words are all different for chicanos. And they know that — and you should, too. That's just how people act when you're different.

If you cave in to their judgment, they'll walk all over you. You're chicana — be proud of that, the same way they are proud of being national Mexicanos! They will never see you as the same. Just like any other American. It's a culture thing, not a race thing. There is a difference.

Adrian Rodriguez
Arlington, TX


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