The scene of the beating.
The scene of the beating.

Reader: Who'd Want to Go to a Haven for Drugs Like the 16th Street Mall?

Dozens of readers shared their thoughts about our update about a brawl on the 16th Street Mall.

News that a couple visiting from California was badly beaten by a group of teens after complaining about littering prompted plenty of discussion about whether the mall qualifies as family-friendly.

This reader definitely feels that it's not.

Here's what he had to say.

David Doyle writes:

16th Street Mall is a haven for drugs and pan-handling and makes for a place no one wants to visit. I hate going there now because people yell things and try to start trouble, you see people do drugs in broad daylight on the street, and I can't do anything without being hassled. Why do that if I can shop on the internet?

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