Readers' choices for top ten speed traps in Denver metro

Earlier this week, we posted about the top ten speed traps in Denver, as compiled from 2013 posts on the website. Then, when we shared the list on the Westword Facebook page, we asked if there were any speed traps we'd missed -- and as always, our readers came through in a big way.

Here are ten more speed traps that were somehow overlooked, as selected by all of you, complete with Google maps from near the location and posted comments. Check them out below.

Number 10: 44th and Sheridan

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"They completely left out the Lakeside speed traps on both 44th between Sheridan and Harlan, and the one along Sheridan, between 43rd and I-70. I suppose they need to make their salaries somehow."

Number 9: Kalamath and 13th

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"Kalamath between 13th and 10th. I got two tickets in one week!"

Continue to keep counting down the readers' choices for the top ten speed traps in Denver metro.

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