Readers hail the work of PeaceJam and the Clintons

"Billions Served," Patricia Calhoun, June 19

Give PeaceJam a Chance

I want to thank you for Patricia Calhoun's story on PeaceJam. I moved to Denver last year, and I had no idea that this organization even existed, much less that it was based here. I have looked at the PeaceJam website and am very impressed with everything I see. We can only hope that the Clinton Global Initiative that was in Denver last week, as Calhoun noted, accomplishes even a tenth as much.

Thanks again. Westword — both the magazine and the website — have helped me discover so much about Denver. I couldn't imagine life here without them.
Tracy Tremaine



"Global Warming," Patricia Calhoun, June 19

Around the Globe

Although I was very interested to read about the history of PeaceJam and was impressed with what these "homegrown heroes" have done around the globe, I was more impressed with what former president Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Chelsea did during their time in Denver last week. I wish Westword had given more coverage to this important event.
Frank Garcia

"Snake Charming," Melanie Asmar, June 19

Charm Schooled

Why write a three-page investigation shaming some crazy lady when women already have to deal with skepticism any time they claim to be victimized in any way? Because she gave y'all a bad source? I felt skeeved out the entire time I was reading this, and I think it had more to do with poor journalistic ethics than crazy being crazy.
Rae Griffen

I have never made a comment to Westword before, but in the days after reading "Snake Charming," I have become disturbed by the nature of the piece. I guess my question is: Is this a story? The girl who is exposed and crucified in the piece is not a public figure. She's just some girl. She hasn't taken money from anyone, isn't a serial killer. She might be kind of screwed up, but I have no idea. I'm not sure why I should care, and to be honest, I felt kind of dirty after reading it — it was one-sided, and it was none of my business.

Is the next step that Westword is just going to write exposé pieces about people who are screwed up/vulnerable/poor/mentally ill and expose their dirty little secrets to the reading public? If so, I have list of ex-boyfriends I could happily provide.

Except that I wouldn't provide it, because that would be weird.

Who allowed this "story" to be run? I'm not sure if I'm more disappointed at the lack of journalistic integrity on Melanie Asmar's (and Patricia Calhouns's) part, or the lack of outrage in the responses. Both are sad.

I'll keep my name anonymous for now — wouldn't want Westword coming after me!
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