Readers: Here's Why the NFL Won't Lift Its Marijuana Ban

We recently posted about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's claim that the league's marijuana ban is "the correct policy."

Goodell's statement, made just before Super Bowl 50, retreated from previous statements suggesting a willingness to consider altering the NFL's treatment of the substance, not to mention advocacy by plenty of former players, who say cannabis provides them with much needed medical relief.

Readers reacted strongly to the post, with several floating a theory about the real reason Goodell is reluctant to make changes.

It involves dollars, cents and libations.

Cole Whitaker writes:

Too many alcohol sponsors for him to say otherwise. Shameful.

Kevin Bradfield writes:

Because alcohol is a better drug???

Blain Myhre writes:

Plus, beer sponsorship money really helps pay my salary, says Roger.


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