Readers' Picks for the Top Ten Speed Traps in the Denver Area

Interactive graphics below.
Interactive graphics below.

After we recently re-shared our list of the top ten speed traps in metro Denver, 2014 edition, a slew of readers checked in with their picks for ones we'd missed. We've assembled them here, complete with their original comments and interactive graphics showing the areas near the locations; if you have problems seeing any image, click "View Larger Map." Count them down below.

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Number 10:

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"Thornton loves trapping people at I-25 and Thornton Parkway."

Number 9:

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"You forgot eastbound I-70 past the I-25 merger ramp right before the Denver Coliseum. I see them out there almost daily with the radar gun pulling people over."

Continue to keep counting down readers' picks for the top ten speed traps in the Denver area.

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