Readers: Pizza Republica good, City Loop bad

"Upper Crust," Gretchen Kurtz, January 2

Pizza the Action

I love Pizza Republica. Let's hope we never get an Olive Garden near the Colorado Convention Center, though; if Bubba Gump can survive there, the OG would probably do a booming business.
Shelby Kirk

You would think that new restaurants would offer vegan options. Yes, even Italian restaurants. Doesn't look like this one does.
Ellen Kessler


Pizza Republica

"Parks & Wreck," Alan Prendergast, December 19

Wreck Room

This is the ugliest park design I have ever seen. I just looked at the presentation on YouTube, and I can't believe that this thing has gotten approved. That blue tube running around the whole thing is heinous and would just attract graffiti. It looks like someone came up with it after watching Tron too many times on ecstasy. Two full-time people would have to be hired just to paint over the graffiti daily. I like the idea of a run/bike loop connecting playgrounds and picnic areas, but this is just awful. This would be a maintenance nightmare, and Denver Parks and Recreation can't keep up with what they have already.
Brent Wambach
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This certainly validates my experience! The new Denver is all about being an economically vibrant, world-class city, and quality of life be damned. What difference does it make if you sit in your car for half an hour waiting for a marathon to pass? After all, there was a small notice about the road closures in this morning's paper. Why should you care if the facility your group rents from the neighborhood association is completely inaccessible due to the whatever event, parade or race the city has scheduled to boost its image?

At least we do have recourse: We're leaving.
Diane Lucas
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"Bullet. Proof.," Melanie Asmar, December 12

Culture Shock

I am inspired by Karina Vargas's spirit as she struggles with a future from a wheelchair, but I was bowled over by the fact that her mother does not speak English. After saying she wanted to raise her children here for the purpose of learning English, she herself has not done so.

If you are going to live in any country, you owe it to yourself and your family to speak the local language. It's like saying, "I'll take everything America has to give, but I won't bother with learning how to speak to you."

I think it's just rude.

Such a pretty and courageous girl!
Nick Werle
Colorado Springs


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