Readers praise food writers Lori Midson and Laura Shunk

Westword's Cafe Section

Stirring Reading

I want to let you know that Lori Midson's Chef and Tell interview is my favorite part of Westword, even more than Savage Love (!). I'm amazed by how full a sense of each chef I get via her relevant, well-written bio data and meaningful questions. These interviews totally animate my memories of, and love for, the restaurant biz. Thanks again.

Marj Hahne


Lori Midson


I have been following Laura Shunk for a long time and reading her reviews. I don't know what took me so long, but I recently visited a few of the places that she has featured. Her reviews are right on target. After a couple, I now just follow. I don't ask questions; I just get in my car and drive. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to new and interesting places.

Cheryl Llewellyn


"Ital Do," Laura Shunk, December 8

We Came, We Sauce

Such an interesting review of Mama Sanninos. How well I remember Jim's Pizzeria on Tejon and Paisan's Pizzeria on Colfax — such wonderful food. We ate at both locations for years and loved every bite. As a very young child, I remember a smiling man tossing the pizza crust at Jim's Pizzeria; they had a window where you could watch. We would go there and then off to Lakeside...days long gone by.

I did not know about this restaurant, and I certainly will be visiting soon. Thank you for history on this family, which is of great interest to those of us who have been around for a long time.

Sylvia Replogle


"SNAP Judgment," Jenny An, December 8

Stamp of Approval

I found myself on food stamps for several years, just getting off of them this past August. I agree that the system is a mess, broken and needs to be fixed. However, I did not experience the same problems. I went to DHS, filled out a form and then waited to see someone to set an appointment. I was given a long packet to fill out with instructions on what documents would be required. I came back for my appointment, turned everything in, and it was deemed that I met the rules for emergency food stamps at that appointment. I then had them in about two weeks.

In the last year, they changed to a self-service center where you go make the copies you need, attach them to your packet and put them in a collection bin: Bing-bang, you're out the door in five to ten minutes. I have had a few glitches along the way with my benefits, but it's all about getting them the documents they ask for.

Lloyd Moore


I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, Jef Otte, December 8

There Otte Be a Law
Jef Otte, here is a summary of your article: "Blah blah blah, I hate the Grateful Dead because I hate myself because I am ashamed of my body. So I will automatically hate anything about the Dead, especially a movie." Your article lacks the same imagination as your tripping experience. Some gay guy in a hat gives you mushrooms, you don't think to thank him, then you buy Skittles and look at them. You obviously are a social retard and a moron. If someone gave you a hooker and a limo, you would probably go sightseeing.

I am not in favor of this movie, by the way; the concept sounds awful. But your reasons for not seeing it are stupid. Really, you sound like a total dork. I hope you get some authentic life experiences someday soon, and maybe your writing will improve.

James Crossman

San Pedro, California


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