Readers praise Kurt Ottaway and Euclid Hall

"Big Love," Laura Shunk, October 28

Hall Pass

What a beautiful description of the food at Euclid Hall! It makes me want to go immediately...especially for the Red Velvet cake! You are an awesome writer, Ms. Shunk!

Kelli Gould


Euclid Hall


Now we're talking — or should I say writing? Excellent review of Euclid Hall, and the Rioja piece was also well written — and accurate, from my experience of the place.

Yvonne Barcewski


"Overview," Dave Herrera, October 21

I have been an enthusiastic fan of Kurt Ottaway's music for twenty years. It has always been my great pleasure to contribute my energy at the shows, dancing my ass off in the pit right next to his mom. Westword has finally smelled the coffee to afford the Overcasters a cover story.

Krissy Workman


I love Kurt Ottaway. Always have — he's one of the great talents of our time. He gets a lot of feedback about the sounds his band makes, but I have always dug his poetry, too. And I've never been to a live performance that wasn't just damn near a religious experience. I hope the Overcasters bring it to Arkansas one of these days so I can give him a big old soul hug. Meanwhile, we eagerly await the arrival of the new album.

Thanks for the excellent review.

Kenton Adler

Batesville, Arkansas

I have always been in awe of Kurt's talent. His bands have always been profound. Left my jaw on the floor since the first Twice Wilted show I saw. I know, because I've seen it firsthand, that he lives for his creations. He's still working as hard as ever, and we're all better off for it.

Michael Kirschmann

Berkeley, California

This is one of the best bands around. Love, love, love 'em. I really enjoyed reading about Kurt's past and some of the shit he's been through. Can't wait to hear the new album. Oh, and that new band photo is fucking badass!!

Westword ran a story recently about who will be the next band to break out of Denver [Joel Warner's "Colorado's Next Big Sound," October 7]. This should be that band.

Todd Spriggs


"Band of Brothers," Patricia Calhoun, October 21

Oh, Brother!

I sympathize with My Brother's Bar's owner! I work with a business in the middle of a name change because of that same thing! Another business opened its doors in a similar-sounding location with a similar-sounding name in the same service industry. What were they thinking? I receive inquiries from their vendors, deposits from their customers, etc.

It's unfortunate that the secretary of state does not notify businesses with "like" names when a similar name is created. It was when a vendor invoiced me for the other business that I found out about them.

I know imitation is a form of flattery, but when it impacts the original business that has been branding for many years, the copycat should change its name.

Betsy Strohmaier


"Alley Oops," Patricia Calhoun, October 21

Mad for Mod

I love Mod Livin'. I love the Rocket. I live about a half-mile away, but I would be seriously depressed if these wonderful people left my stretch of Colfax.

Marc Hobelman


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