Readers praise Westword's coverage of school-board member Andrea Merida

"An Education," Melanie Asmar, September 23

Teacher's Pest

I respect and appreciate Andrea Merida's leadership on the Denver Board of Education, because she does her homework and brings forth questions that need to be addressed, all the while remaining focused on it being all about successful outcomes for all of our children. Superintendent Boasberg needs to be reminded that he is dealing with taxpayer resources, assets and, most important, our children: That requires public accountability! It is unfortunate that the Denver Post and Colorado Education News continue to take everything at face value that is spoonfed them by Mr. Boasberg — without question or investigation — thus demonstrating laziness in doing their own due diligence as reporters!

I therefore thank Westword for writing a fair story on Ms. Merida, and sincerely appreciate the existence of this publication in our community!


Andrea Merida

Deborah Ortega


"Campaign 2010 Timeline," Kenny Be, September 16

A Left Wing and a Prayer

What is with political cartoonists being so left-winged and liberal? What an unfair and untrue depiction of Congressman Tancredo as a racist. You should be ashamed.

Jennifer Hulan

Posted at

I and many others are very much aware of Hickenlooper's idiotic practices. "Frickenlooper," aka "The Looper," comes off as a mild-mannered geek — while in fact this "Fruitlooper" is right in there, front and center, with Satan's Army...and he certainly does not lack for company.

As for Tancredo, so what? That means Denver is forced to settle for the lesser of two evils. And to think that either of these idiots are to convince the citizens of Colorado that they are here to save us from the shenanigans of the current governor, Bill Ritter. Yes, politics makes for strange bedfellows indeed. My vote: Nope...nada...never.

In my opinion, Westword is the "last word," the "only word," and my coffee table's best friend.

Michelle Ray


"Royal Feast," Laura Shunk, September 23

Royal Treatment

What a relief to have Laura Shunk's columns in Westword. She writes about food you can imagine eating in a way that is not a substitute for life as a lumberjack or on the Spanish Main. I hope Westword will persist in this experiment in kindness toward the reading public.

Jan Gorak


Another empty, soulless review written in such a flat, single-dimension style! Bring back Jason Sheehan! Or find someone who has some fire and who can write in a style that makes you want to actually go and try out the place in question (or stay away because of its mediocrity). Laura Shunk's style is as bad as that of Tucker Shaw at the Denver Post — i.e., vacuous, bland and non-offensive!!

Lewis Bradford


Couldn't agree more with Laura Shunk. The food at Queen of Sheba is really a step above even the other excellent Ethiopian places on East Colfax, and the restaurant is incredibly warm, homey and comforting. Ms. Aboye is a sweetheart, and while it sometimes takes her a while (and I mean a while), she does all the cooking and much of the serving, and the love and care are obvious in each dish. Unquestionably one of my absolute favorites.

Mike Rollin


I knew I was going to miss Jason Sheehan. I just didn't realize how much. In her September 2 review of Ernie's Bar & Pizza, Laura Shunk stated that a group at the large center table was passing around a "sheath" of papers. Now, I'm a bit confused. Were the papers in some sort of paper scabbard or something? Were they wrapped up in a woman's tight-fitting dress? It's more likely that they were in a stack or bundle, otherwise known as a "sheaf" (OED).

I'm sorry. I love Westword, but if a columnist for your weekly (and apparently whatever passes for a copy editor or proofreader) has such a poor understanding of the language that is the vehicle of her craft, then perhaps she shouldn't be driving it.

Stephen E. Dalton


"Crying Shame," Patricia Calhoun, September 23

Cry for Help

You've written another very moving piece about Kristen Stillman. Thank you for sharing her story. Will there be any type of fund started for Kristen and her ongoing education? I can imagine that people would want to support her in her healing process.

Lora Freeman Williams


Patricia Calhoun responds: Kristen Stillman still has an outstanding bill from the Denver Department of Human Services for the foster care of her four children; before she accepts any donations, she'd like to see that bill erased. Stay tuned.


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